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Struggling and fighting drug dependency is a tough fight, unless those individuals enter into a rehabilitation program. When these individuals choose counseling, they are setting themselves up for success. Rehabilitation is a process that helps guide people down the correct path. This kind of system starts with detox, which is the process of helping the body fight off the physical changes that it goes through as a result of withdrawal from addiction.

Once the rehabilitation process is over, patients are further aided by what doctors call aftercare. This aftercare helps provide people with the necessary tools to successfully move forward without drugs in their lives. In between these two steps is an important step known as counseling. By using counseling, doctors help patients better understand their problems and how to modify their behaviors without hurting themselves. Without counseling, patients would be unable to understand the starting point of their addictions, and it becomes much harder to treat them.

Understanding Counseling

Believe it or not, there are many types of counseling that patients can choose from.  Most of the time, patients who suffer from addiction attend counseling sessions in small groups or alone. Being in small groups allows the patients to better focus on the source of their own problems. Some of the things that patients have to deal with during these counseling sessions include denial and addressing all of the coping mechanisms that they use to cover up their addictions.

During counseling sessions, it is very important that therapists and patients work closely together to come up with the best possible plans to battle the addictions. In order for this to work, the patients have to be honest and open with their therapists and support groups. Only then will the patients be able to work with the therapists to come up with plans on when they can return home or what kinds of steps need to be taken to fight their addictions.

How Are Patients in Drug Rehab Helped With Counseling?

Even if detox goes well, beating the physical addiction is only half the battle. To make sure that the addiction does not come back, patients have to learn from where their addictions started. If they do not, they could relapse and find themselves back in rehab. To help stop this, counselors work with patients to modify their behaviors and help them find ways to deal with problems without turning to drugs.

What Types of Counseling Are Available During Drug Rehab?

The three main types of counseling available during drug rehab are family, group, and individual counseling. Each type of counseling has been proven more effective with certain types of drug abuse. Below is a more detailed breakdown.

Individual Counseling – This type of counseling involves a one-on-one approach to dealing with addiction problems. During these meetings, patients meet with counselors alone. Usually, these private sessions last about an hour, and the patients have the full focus of the counselor during the session. These types of sessions are mostly used to dig as deep as possible in finding a way for the patients to battle their addictions. The counselors try to find what triggers the addiction and ways that the individuals can overcome those triggers.

Group Counseling – This is a type of counseling session in which several patients meet with a single counselor at the same time. This type of counseling can be helpful because it helps patients to see that others share the same experiences and problems that they do. It is hard for some individuals to share their most intimate experiences, but sometimes talking about these problems aloud with others can be a huge relief.

Family Counseling – This type of counseling involves patients meeting with not only counselors but family members as well. This kind of counseling is good for many reasons. First, it proves to the patients that they have a network of family members who are supporting them. Second, it helps family members to better understand the addiction problems with which their loved ones are faced. By empowering family members with this kind of information, they can help spot signs of relapse before it is too late. It also gives the counselors a chance to meet with other family members to see if any of them are adding to the problem. Studies show that some family members actually have a habit of enabling drug addiction.

What We Can Do to Help

The counselors at {name of rehab} work hard to free patients from the pain that they experience as a result of their addictions. They assist patients in reaching their ultimate goal of recovery. By fighting additions, patients are rewarded with the joy of rediscovering their ambitions, goals and family relationships. Counseling helps patients enjoy a better quality of life.

The goal of {name of rehab} is to get to the root cause of the addiction and the cause of all of the irrational behavior. The method for getting to the root cause is to take recovery one step at a time. This allows patients to get the help that they need at a pace that is perfect for them.  Through counseling, {name of rehab} makes a difference in people’s lives. Pick up the phone to give us a call today. Start down the road to recovery.

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