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Treatment Program

At Best Addiction Services, we offer an approach to addiction treatment that is based on the clients’ individual needs and preferences.  In this way, we can help each client build on their strengths and discover their weaknesses for a more effective recovery.  Each aspect of our treatment program is based on achieving a specific progression of results to help clients gain a renewed sense of confidence and self-respect.  Our goal is to help clients accept accountability for their successes and failures, and learn what they need to change about their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors in order to maintain a substance-free lifestyle.

Treatment ProgramsWe recognize that each addict has a unique set of issues that contributed to their addiction, and we have developed a treatment program that centers on the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects involved.  This comprehensive program seeks to treat the whole person, not just the physical addiction, and this, in turn, will result in a more lasting recovery for the client.

A Step-by-Step Process

Addiction is a complex disorder, composed of physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.  Lasting recovery is unlikely unless each contributing factor has been addressed.  When clients enter our program, their first step is to undergo an assessment with a primary counselor and take part in creating their own path to recovery.  During this assessment, clients are encouraged to be completely honest in order to ensure that they get the exact level of care they need.

In most cases, the next step is detox.  This process deals with the physical aspect of the addiction by ridding the body of all traces of the addictive substance, thereby eliminating cravings so the client can proceed to the next step in the program, rehabilitation.  This portion of the program is designed to educate clients about the effects of drugs on the mind and body, and help them discover the core reasons for their addiction.  While participating in group and individual counseling sessions. clients gain a better understanding of how their thought processes and beliefs can help them refrain from drug use in the future.

Detox and counseling are two of the major components of our program, however, we provide a variety of options that can be incorporated into a personalized program, such as:

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Best Addiction Services Programs

Group, Individual, and Family Counseling
Provides support, advice, and insight into the core issues that played a role in leading the individual to experiment with drugs as an escape mechanism. Groups focus on the behavioral, emotional and environmental issues to help clients better understand how to avoid these triggers in the future.
Education Sessions, Lectures
Prepares the client for reintegrating into society. Basic living skills are practiced and each client actively participates in these activities.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Helps clients realize how experiences in the past can influence their current situation. Once a client learns to move past these issues they can finally realize their true potential in life.
Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)
Helps clients cultivate positive thinking patterns and develop a new set of ethics to keep them on the right path once they leave the program. They discover new talents or abilities they had not realized before and this helps increase confidence and motivation.
Inventory, Self-Discovery
Clients learn that they can overcome their past mistakes. Letting go of guilt, shame, and fear is a major victory in the healing process.
Anger Management Therapy
Repressed anger is often to blame for negative behavior patterns. Clients must learn to forgive and not allow anger to influence their reactions to daily situations.
Life-Skills Groups
The skills learned in this group are valuable tools for reducing stress and for building confidence. Time management, money management, parenting, and new coping skills help recovering addicts avoid frustration and maintain control.
Fitness and Exercise Groups
Clients learn to replace old habits with healthy activities, thus gaining a sense of pride and accomplishment. A healthy body has a positive impact on a person's emotional state, so we encourage clients to participate in sports or games they personally enjoy so they will continue to participate on a regular basis.
Faith-based, Indigenous, Holistic, Self-Help Tracks
Clients gain insight into their spirituality and how it affects their personal development. We offer a number of faith-based tracks to accommodate the preferences of our clients.
Musical Therapy
Helps clients reduce stress and improves social skills. They can listen to music or choose to play a musical instrument.
Relapse Prevention
Clients learn that recovery is an ongoing process and that they must learn to utilize the tools and skills gained in treatment if triggers or temptations arise once they leave the program. They are also encouraged to participate in an aftercare program for continued guidance and support as they attempt to reclaim their place in society.

Each of the above options is designed to provide the information, education, and resources that become valuable assets when the individual steps back out into a stressful, demanding world.

We Are Here for You

Our goal is to provide the highest quality addiction treatment program for those who need to overcome addictions.  We offer a safe, comfortable environment and our staff of caring, skilled professionals are dedicated to your successful recovery.  Call now and begin taking the steps toward a more fulfilling lifestyle, free from the burden of addiction.
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